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10 Essential Skills They Don’t Teach You In College That Are Crucial For An Expatriation Adventure.

10 Essential Skills They Don’t Teach You In College That Are Crucial For An Expatriation Adventure.

A friend of mine recently told me that he wished that his daughters don’t go to school. He offered his oldest the very prestigious award that said: “Do precisely what I recommend you do for a year and don’t go to college”. Well, he wasn’t sure she was going to take it. He basically wanted to change her college habits into the following “ideal college program”:

  • Spending some time each and everyday day learning the skills in the graphic.
  • Watching one movie a day with him and discuss.
  • Publish a book of essays by the end of the year.
  • Time off for travel is allowed.

He also reminded her that all this will certainly be cheaper than her going to college.


“Do you know what her answer was”? he told me. “I’ll think about it.”


This made me think of the skills you don’t learn at school that may be of high importance for everyone and especially expats:


1. Networking


This is basically a corollary of leadership.


2. Selling


This includes a presentation, a vision, and motivation. All of these factors lead to sales. More sales.


3. The Art of Negotiation


This actually means win-win and not war.


4. The Google Rule


Don’t ever hesitate to send people to the best resources. Even to your competitors. The benefit to you comes back tenfold. See what happened when we shared our Social Media Marketing strategy for Free.


5. Idea Sex (but with protection!)


This is all about getting good at setting up ideas. Then combining them while mastering the intersection.


6. Reinvention


This must happen repeatedly throughout one’s life.


7. Leadership (this also includes taking a course on how to deal with both Vision and Anger at the same time)


Give more to others than you expect back for yourself. The art of giving.


8. Mastery; How to master any field


This is something you can’t learn in school with each ‘field’ being regimented into equal 45 minute periods. Mastery will only come in when your formal education ends. You’ll have to find a topic that sets your heart on fire then combust.


9. Creativity


Take out a pad. Start writing down a list of ideas, everyday single day.


10. Failure (this is a skill that’s not taught until way too many years after the degree. But it is taught, believe me, you will learn it or die).


Learning how to fail is so important as failure often turns into a new beginning.


11. Give and you will Receive (The art of giving)


Never ever cease to give to the people in your network. As you may already know, by knowing more people, you’ll increase the value of your network, but this same network will increase exponentially if the people you know get to know and help each other.


If I were creating a college or an "expat guide to success", these would probably be the only classes.


As you can see, these skills are not taught in school and yet they’re absolutely necessary for any kind of real-life success. All of these skills would give you a degree in the modern economy. They will put you ahead of any competition and you’ll be your own category. These are skills you can learn (sometimes) on the job, in online settings, by reading, by finding a mentor to model yourself after (real or virtual), someone who can challenge you and bring out your potential, people you can teach so that you can solidify your learning.

Last modified onTuesday, 03 March 2020 11:04
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