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10 Secrets Behind The Parisian Girl’s Sexiness.


Coco Chanel, the legendary French designer, said it best: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” For many, French women—les Parisiennes in particular—seem to be shrouded in mystery, with an allure and self-possession that isn’t easy to emulate. It’s not that women the world over aren’t as wonderful or stylish as the lovely ladies in France, but they seem to do it with a flair all their own. Books have been written and studies done to try and capture in words that special...something that is innate in a French woman. How do they do it?


One could be facetious and tout the very air they breathe, as well as the privileges of good food, fashion and a general je ne sais quoi. I mean, with all the fashion gods in their history, past and present, it’s practically in the blood, wouldn’t you say? Here are some points to consider. I mean, these are some of the secrets behind La Parisienne’s sexiness:


1. They wear what they want.


It’s not about the latest fashion or the cost of an item of clothing, though that can be part of it. A Parisian girl looks for quality, longevity and class. And yes, she may buy something costly, but it is likely to go well with a variety of items in her wardrobe and last for years. It’s an investment, if you will. And whatever she wears, it will always fit her perfectly, no matter her size or shape. Find a style you like and make it your own, like the French girls do. Add a dash of color with a scarf or handbag--or both. Wear your clothing with confidence and pride, because you know you look your best.


2. They’re not fussy about hair.


woman hair.jpg

The next time you pass a girl in Paris on the street, check out her hair--discretely, of course. You may notice that the style, while chic, is very much carefree. Many women in Paris seem to prefer a “no fuss” look when it comes to their locks--quick and painless, seems to be the motto. Even famous French women do this, including actress Charlotte Gainsbourg and Emmanuelle Alt, Vogue Paris editor-in-chief. So, try less product and more laissez-faire when fixing your hair for the office, a day in the park, or a night out with friends. Always think “natural” and “low maintenance.”

3. Their views on sex.


france national research agency.png

More about the study here.

Sex—how you do it, with whom, and for how long, varies with each person. When it comes to relationships and romantic encounters, Parisian girls are not shy about going after what they want. Flirtation seems to be a national past time in France. People get married, sure, but living together for years or having multiple partners seems to be acceptable in some couples. It’s all about doing what you feel, and not being afraid to take a chance on love or Mr. Right Now. Whether it’s a one-nighter or a long-term thing, put your heart and soul into it and enjoy every minute of your encounter without judgment or expectation beyond the moment.

 4. Their attitude toward life.

Coco Chanel.jpg

Image courtesy of quotlr

It could be something as simple as walking to the Metro, buying food in a store, eating a piece of pastry, or the way she wears her clothes. It’s all about attitude. Parisian girls radiate confidence and a sexy allure, no matter what they do. You want to be them, talk to them, and figure out how to introduce yourself. Aside from the stalkerish aspects of this, the point is that she could be having the worst day possible, but no one would know it. Feel gorgeous, act gorgeous and you’ll be gorgeous.

5. They accessorize very well. 




Never underestimate the power of a well-chosen bracelet, a lovely pair of shoes, a scarf or jacket. As you walk down the street, it’s likely that you’ll see several Parisian girls sauntering by with a dash of glitz or color from an accessory on their effortlessly fashionable person. It’s a way to add something surprising and stylish to your outfit, and you won’t even be trying too hard. A piece of jewelry can set off a blouse or dress to perfection. The right shoes can make your outfit très chic.


6. Lipstick is a Parisian girl’s best friend.




You can almost tell the time of day by a Parisian girl’s lipstick. If it’s red, then it’s evening and time to party. The brilliant shade draws attention to luscious lips, but also says, “I’m fun, sassy, and ready to play. Join me!” Invest in a variety of shades and experiment a bit until you find the one that suits you best. Then, have a night on the town and enjoy yourself. Keep your makeup minimal and “no fuss,” just like your hair.

7. Parisian girls never age.



As far as the French are concerned—whether male or female—age is merely a number. It doesn’t matter in the vast scheme of things. Sex doesn’t end at forty. Trying new things isn’t just for the young. You might run across sixty-year-old women who will tell you about their sex life in great detail, and offer ways you can improve yours, too. Having a bit of silver in your hair—or a lot—is simply something else to celebrate—or ignore. It’s that willingness to embrace life, no matter how old you are that makes Parisian girls sexy.

8. They have the perfect work / life balance.



Many countries have a “get it done yesterday” mentality. Long hours and high levels of stress seem to be the hallmark of success for some. Here in France, work gets done, but there’s always time to play and relax. It’s that balance that makes Parisian girls sexy. The job is taken care of, yes, but it will never be at a cost to their health or free time. They know how to manage things so that there’s always time to do everything, including shopping on a long lunch hour, coffee with friends, finishing that spreadsheet, and slapping on that new, vivid lipstick and heading out to relax with best friends or a beau for the night.

9. They are very health-conscious.


More on that report to be found here.

Everywhere you look in Paris, there are bicycle kiosks. People take the Metro or walk a lot. Parisian girls like to keep healthy in a variety of ways, and seemingly without much strain. They eat well, and watch their calories. A glass of wine or a cup of coffee on a break might be preferable to a salty snack or candy. How else do they fit into those fabulous clothes?

10. Parisian girls know it’s okay not to be perfect.

French women embrace their imperfections. You likely won’t see a Parisian girl worrying too much about the mole on her skin, scars or crooked teeth. She simply finds the best way to enhance the unevenness of her breasts or the freckles on her face. It doesn’t bother her. It’s a part of who she is, and she sees herself as beautiful. She is self-assured and exudes that, no matter what.


Over to you.


How about you? Do you think you can leave any insecurities behind and embrace the “Parisian girl” version of you? Why not? Go out, get a nice haircut from a salon that suits your face. Learn where the Parisian girls shop and watch their buying habits. Take the time to find a look that works for you, and can last a lifetime. Make friends wherever you go, and be on the lookout for a good time. It could lead to love, or just an invigorating and unforgettable experience. It’s what a Parisian girl would do.

I’d love to hear your comments! What do you think? Is it a myth about the Parisian girl’s sexiness? What has been your experience in Paris? Please leave your thoughts below.

Image Sources: Quotlr, Youtube, Pixabay, Pablo


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