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Embracing These Brutal Truths About Life Will Immediately Improve Your Parisian Expatriation Adventure

Embracing These Brutal Truths About Life Will Immediately Improve Your Parisian Expatriation Adventure

Life in Paris is fun when you’re here on vacation, on the other hand, being an expatriate in Paris is another story entirely, there’s more to life in Paris than just having fun.

You would also want to drive a fine car, live in a beautiful house and most importantly live a comfortable life. Although success can be achieved in Paris (and anywhere), it comes at the price of taking some hard truth and lessons. These lessons are very hard to take, but they’ll drastically improve your success and make you a tougher individual. The main difference between a successful person and a “not successful person” is that they are willing to do what the latter would not do. Ask any successful Parisian entrepreneur how they achieved their success, and they’ll tell you they had to face plenty hardship, make a lot of sacrifices and possess a lot of persistence to get there.

You should take these successful people as your role model or at least learn a few things from their success story. Their stories should not intimidate but rather encourage you to strive for more to be successful. It is important to learn from the successes or failures of others, here a few tips that will help to improve your Parisian expatriation and most importantly, contribute to achieving success:

1. You (and only you) determine your worth.

Create your own definition of success, including all those qualities you admire most, and use it as your new benchmark for success. You need to ensure your definition of success is about you - not about how you compare to others or what they might think of you. Make your definition of success your way of life and you will find out in no time that you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone. Someone will always be better or wealthier. 

Your self-worth needs to come from within; you don’t need others to do this for you and not mind what they may say. Life in Paris is not easy, but if you're ready to work hard and persevere, who you are is more than enough to succeed. 

2. Negative thoughts bring negative outcomes.

If you are a negative thinker, you need to come off it. So what if you’ve had a few misfortunes out on the streets of Paris, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Negative thinking has an instant, damaging impact on your life, because the moment you have a negative THOUGHT, it’s already holding you back from achieving something that you want, making you feel inferior adding a negative value to your life in some way.

On the other hand, positive thinking is just a matter of making a conscious effort. If you want to live a richer, more enjoyable and more successful life in Paris, you need to get rid of negative thoughts you need not fight them, but rather substitute those negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Bear in mind that positive thinking really can change not only your view on life but your outcome in life. Positive thinking leads to a life that’s worthwhile, with greater confidence and more happiness.

3. Time to say ‘goodbye.’

There’s a saying that you’re only as good as the type of company you surround yourself with, this is 100% accurate- you need to let go of the bad company and people who always seem to weigh you down. Since you know your definition of success, all you need to do is to surround yourself with similar goals- people you know you can learn a thing or two from, individuals who inspire and encourage you to achieve your set goals. Billionaires hang out with other billionaires since they think alike and view the world from similar angles.

Life is too short to surround yourself with toxic individuals — it is better not have friends than to have friends that will thwart you from realizing your maximum potential.

4. Success isn’t easy; it’s often painful.

Sometimes when we want to achieve something, we don’t think we are capable because of the fear of taking the first step.  Success isn't built on strategy alone but through execution. If you don’t take the first step, you can never have an outcome or result. The first step might seem intimidating and overwhelming; it is a good thing.

You need to channel this nervousness and pressure into productivity, and the results will be nothing short of rewarding. Successful people that plunge into that nasty first step are not necessarily tougher or smarter than any of us; they have learned that it produces positive results. The pain of starting something is unavoidable and delaying it only lengthens their nervousness.

5. There is no such thing as perfect.

We all seem to be on a quest for a “perfect” something: a perfect car, a perfect job, a perfectly typical haussmanian parisian apartment, and so on.  The rich life of Paris seems to support this illusion. Do not be fooled; there is no such thing as perfect. For example, if the Ferrari cars that you see were perfect they wouldn’t need to make a newer model or if Bill Gates were satisfied with all the money he has and his job he wouldn’t still be working. 

Once you accept this, you will find success not only in your job but also in your personal expat’s life. If your goal is to achieve perfection then, I’m afraid, you are bound to be disappointed, there is nothing of such. The only need you need to focus on is improving yourself.

6. Third (or thousandth) time’s a charm.

Never, ever give up. Most people do not seem to get it right on the first try except you have a beginner’s luck, that does not mean you should stop trying though. The first time around you’re not thinking about it; you just go with the flow. The second time around you should try to fix what went wrong and what you didn’t like. By the third time, you might achieve it. The lesson here is that most successes take a few rounds. 

As Joan Rivers put it, “My whole career has been one rejection after another and then going back and back and pushing against everything and everybody. Getting ahead by small, ugly steps.”

Your perseverance and persistence will define your success. Don’t you give up after a few obstacles, shake it off and keep going! 

Your attitude in these situations can be even more vital than the outcome.

7. You need to be your best cheerleader.

Most people believe that the only way to achieve success or feel good about ourselves is to have someone else frequently telling them they are good people. The bitter truth is that if you truly believe in yourself, it is more than enough to give you the confidence to achieve the impossible, attain greatness, and pick up yourself when you fall. You need to be your cheerleader- give yourself a pep talk if possible because, in this life, not everyone is going to support you. People you tend to depend on have their lives to live; you need to realize that the world does not revolve around you. If you are lucky enough to have helpful people in your life, great — but do not depend on them 

8. Be fearless.

Never be too afraid to try something, if you don’t try, you will always fail.  Most of the things we regret in life are things we were too afraid to try out. All too often, the fear of failure appears to paralyze people from taking chances and being open to new experiences.  

Always remember you have nothing to lose, if you fail, try again!


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Last modified onSunday, 05 February 2017 09:38
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Do you want to receive some awesome articles about the joys, challenges, and lessons learned from expatriation adventures in Paris every week?

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