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Learning French: 10 Must-Know iOS, Android, Web Apps And Language Exchange Events In Paris

Learning French: 10 Must-Know iOS, Android, Web Apps And Language Exchange Events In Paris

“It’s in forging that one becomes a blacksmith”.

If you were to translate that sentence in French it’d go like: “ c’est en forgeant que l’on devient forgeron”

I got that translation from Linguee, the iOS, Android & web English-French dictionary application that has accumulated more than 1,000,000,000 translations and searches.

I’m not going to talk about Linguee nor the Blacksmith’s hands but language learning and practising both online and offline for people that are in Paris. 

I’ll mostly focus on different apps and regular events that serve as platforms to French learners and enthusiasts to improve their speaking skills.

One of the best ways one really gets better at French is it to get chatting!

The following apps and events are some the best tools you can find around to help you improve your French.

Mobile & Web Applications

SpeakShake (web App: Doesn't work anymore)


SpeakShake is a fun, interactive online video-calling platform for learning and practicing new languages. 

Rosetta Stone (iOS & Android)


It’s almost impossible to talk about language learning without mentioning Rosetta Stone.

One of the oldest and most popular learning methodologies around, it’s now available as a mobile app.

Without going into the gory details, Rosetta Stone sets itself apart from many other language methodologies by offering a completely immersive experience.

From the very beginning, it teaches French purely through French – there’s not a word in English inside the course.

By doing this, it simulates the environment that it believes is most conducive to learning a new language – when we were young children learning to speak our mother tongues.

Duolingo (iOS & Android)


There is a reason Duolingo was awarded Apple’s iPhone App of the year! 

Duolingo is a very well-designed app and it’s really effective. 

It’s free, interactive and gives priority on retention. 

The learning method goes from photo identification to phrase translation.

This app also has tons of functionalities in its free version, and will keep track of your usage streak, so you are motivated to keep at it! 


Le Conjugueur (iOS & Android)


With Le Conjugueur, you can conjugate all French verbs without being connected to Internet.

Interesting, isn’t it?

This app contains the conjugation for nearly 9000 French verbs.

Among other features, you’ll have the French conjugation in feminine, conjugation in passive mode, question and negation but you’ll also be able to find a verb from a conjugated form.

FluentU (iOS)


Tired of boring textbooks? 

FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos!

FluentU is one of best language learning apps on the market. 

You can learn a language with music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks. 

It doesn’t matter what your skill level or interest is, this app has got you covered.

One On One Events in Paris.



Here’s what Franglish events are all about: 

   ● It's easy going! You just turn up, and let things take care of themselves. No pressure on your level of language and the conversations are one-to-one.

   ● They offer an efficient and more entertaining way to practise your French. This saves you from those boo-ooring classes! 

   ● You get to speak half the time in English (or any other language) and half the time in French. 

   ● Apparently the progress comes faster than one can imagine while having fun and just enough beer.

The Expats Paris Language Exchange Nights.


Every Wednesday, Language learners & enthusiasts, living or visiting Paris,  will be getting together in the evening for an event to make new friends & practice different languages.

Are you an absolute beginner, intermediate or advanced?

Do you want to practice a foreign language and have an opportunity for a real language and cultural exchange in Paris?

So, these events are for you!

We’ll be splitting into smaller practice groups to improve our French, Italian, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and many other languages.


Being a big traveler and a language lover, Stéphane (founder of TripMeeters) was tired of only visiting crowded tourist attractions and getting ripped off at tourist traps.

He wanted to be closer to the locals, get soaked in local culture and live different experiences but it wasn’t easy to meet people, especially for his shyness.

He started TripMeeters as platform that connects curious and open-minded people with passionate locals who love their city.

TripMeeters goal is to allow people to practice languages easily and live like locals, around the world, sharing the cultures of each country.

Polyglot Club 

Whatever your language level or your nationality, Polyglot Club Paris language exchange social network will allow you to practice different languages offline while you make new friends and discover new cultures.

If you want to learn languages, if you are a complete beginner or if your level is advanced; if you want to meet international friends, you are an expat, an Erasmus student, a globe or business traveller, a real polyglot, or simply curious to discover new cultures...Then, you might enjoy being part of Polyglot club.

Let Them Talk ( Language School)


Let Them Talk Paris is a new concept in language teaching offering a flexible system of à la carte (pay-as-you-go) English and French courses with the emphasis on the spoken language. 

This is not a language exchange club.

It’s a language school and their classes are taught by native teachers in Paris. 

In addition to their English courses, Let Them Talk runs French conversation classes several times a week in a cafe in Paris.

Find more on their site

Over to you!

Is there any language and culture event happening in Paris on a regular basis that you think needs to be added here?

Please share it down in the comments.


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Do you want to receive some awesome articles about the joys, challenges, and lessons learned from expatriation adventures in Paris every week?

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