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Paris-based Expat Influencers Reveal The Podcasts That Make Them Smarter

Paris-based Expat Influencers Reveal The Podcasts That Make Them Smarter

A mantra many Paris-based successful expatriates usually share with us is to “never stop learning.”

While it’s convenient for most people to add a few university courses or company’s business case studies to their already busy schedule, there’s a good chance that you would get a few minutes a day to listen to a podcast.

Whether you are listening during your commute to work or cooking up dinner, podcasts happen to be an amazing and great way to pass the time in an entertaining, engaging, and educational way—and, as you might already know, there are some pretty-smart listening experiences out there for the curious-minded.

So, if boosting your knowledge of history, science, current events, or a wide range of other topics is something you want to experience, these shows definitely offer some quick aural intelligence.

We reached out to a few Paris-based influencers asking them what their favorite podcasts are.

Basically, the ones they frequently listen to when they want to learn something new.

The ones that usually make them feel a little smarter every now and then.

They’re Social Media experts, writers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, etc.

They’re from Canada, the US, the UK and different other parts of the world, and below are some of their favorite podcasts.


Amy Plum, Author

Favorite Podcast: This American Life

Genre: storytelling

Why should one listen to it?

I listen to these three podcasts when I am doing things around the house. Lore focuses on weird stories from history. This American Life is exactly what it sounds like: stories from America. I use both as a diversion to my daily life in France, enjoying stories from Back Home.

Episode to Get Hooked on:

Episode 109: Notes on Camp (Even if you never went to the camp, this one will thrust you right back into your American childhood.)

Season 1, Episode 5: The Beast Within (Made me think that we don't need to make up monsters for our stories...they live among us.)

Charli James, Journalist & writer

Podcast Title: Hidden Brain

Genre: Science and Human Behavior

Why should one listen to it?

Hidden Brain takes you inside your own mind by exploring human behavior questions such as why marriage is so hard, why we lie to ourselves, and why we are grossed out by spiders. As a journalist, I appreciate that it uses captivating personal stories to explain science in a relatable way. I also love the host’s voice — always a bonus for a podcast!

Episode to Get Hooked on:

For any expat who has struggled with learning a new language (comme moi!), this episode will encourage you to keep at it: Lost In Translation: The Power Of Language To Shape How We View The World.

Sonja Bajic, illustrator.

Podcast Title: Design Matters

Genre: Art & Design

Why should one listen to it?

It's very inspiring to learn the ways in which some of the most important designers and creative minds of our day and age were formed and how they became who they are. Debbie Millman, the hostess, is smart, honest and she asks the exact right questions you would ask as well!

Episode to Get Hooked on:

Start with any of the episodes with Steven Heller (there are a couple of them online or wherever you get your podcast)

Elizabeth Milovidov, lawyer, law professor, e-safety, children’s rights and digital parenting consultant.

Favorite Podcast: Tim Ferris (he really is the Oprah of Audio)

Genre: Entrepreneurship, Life, Living.

Why should one listen to it?

If you are trying to make it with a business, your health, your family, whatever, Tim Ferris is amazing at de-constructing everything and then telling you what works and what doesn’t. Evidence-based, tried and true resources and advice on just about anything.

Episode to Get Hooked on:  

Too many to count, but start with Jamie Foxx, Seth Godin, Jocko Willink or Peter Attia should get you their stories, work and world around them it's very inspiring!

Lily Heise, writer, and published author.

Favorite PodcastPaname

Genre: Historical/Secret Paris

Why should one listen to it?

Created by actress, comedian, and tour guide Amber Minogue, this excellent podcast aims to reveal "hidden Paris in plain sight". As a longtime Paris resident and travel writer, I love that Amber explores truly secret, lesser-known topics and places in Paris in her engaging and well-researched episodes. I always learn something new and fascinating that has me looking at the city in a new way!

Episode to Get Hooked on La Guillotine

Over To You!

There you have it. It’s an amazing list of podcasts for education, inspiration, and entertainment. At Expats Paris, we can honestly say that podcasts enhance our lives too.

We’d love to hear what your favorite podcasts are.

Last modified onTuesday, 03 March 2020 10:55
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