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The Anatomy of a Middle-Class Paris-based Expatriate Single girl's monthly expenses.

The Anatomy of a Middle-Class Paris-based Expatriate Single girl's monthly expenses.

As a single Expat girl in the City of Light, as Paris is often called, monthly expenses may seem a little bit out of hand. Rent, clothes, food, going out, public transportation and everything that follows does not always match our budget.

So, how does a single girl work things out and manages to live up to the day-to-day expenses without being a total social outcast and miss out on the nightlife that Paris is known worldwide for? Not to mention that the outfit has to measure up to the expectations, right? First things first, when talking about expenses, one must know what is the budget as a start-up point.

Well, according to the Observatoire des inégalités, the French observatory on inequalities, a middle-class single girl has a salary of 2.297.00 € to start from, more or less.

As a reasonable wage for one single person, that might seem like a lot, but you would be surprised how fast money flies away when living in Paris.

Now that you have seen yourself with that amount of money in your wallet, let's find the best way to spend it, shall we?

Everyone needs a place to live in, of course. This might not come out as a surprise, but rent can be a killer in the capital of France. The price may start from 550€ if you are really lucky and easily pleased with some tiny studio apartment in one of the suburbs of the city, but the thing is that it can go to even 1200 € or more if you are in for a condo in the city center, eventually with a nice view and all of that. It all depends on what you want to look at when drinking your morning coffee and if having a place with a view can make up for other things, like keeping you warm and comfy. Rent comes with utilities if you did not think about that already. Let's just say that if you do not forget the light when getting out of a room, you will be not just a good ecologist, but you will be saving up some money too, by paying just 110 € on utilities.

Girls just wanna have fun, and how not to do that since they are living in Paris? At least those that we are talking about in this article.

An expatriate girl, even more, if she is single, has to move around, going to work to earn that minimum wage previously mentioned, going out with friends, shopping or just exploring the town, wandering around represents another motive to spend some cash. That, of course, means some other expenses that have to be added on a monthly basis. Having a monthly public transport ticket seems like a great deal since that would mean just 75.20 € per month. Of course that sometimes a girl may not be in the mood for traveling with all the other busy Parisians, and a cab looks like a much better option. Just be careful, since a ride on a business day on a basic tariff and a decent distance (8 km/5 miles) will cost you 23 €. Then, if a girl is living her life here in Paris and has her own car to juggle through traffic, then just think about the fact that 1 liter of gas is 1.36 €. That monthly ticket public transport does not sound so bad after all, isn't it?

Believe it or not, a girl has to eat too. Groceries can go up to 250 and something Euros, but what would living in Paris be without eating out? It's either gourmet or some adorable restaurant around the corner who offers you a fidelity discount, expenses on a monthly basis can reach approximately 200 €. It's up to your personal preferences on how to balance those two, since living in the city of the finest foods, but some cooking skills never hurt anybody.

What would life in the big city be if a girl did not pay enough attention to her looks? Of course that some mini trips to the mall in search of the perfect outfit, or to the beauty salon for one of the chicest haircuts or the latest in terms of mani-pedi are on any girl's list, especially for those who are living in one of the most fashionable cities in the world. A haircut can go up to 35 €, some nice nail treatments to 25, even 50 €, and in terms of clothing, you can choose between a nice 40 € dress from Zara, H&M or similar, or opt for some 90 € running shoes from Nike, if you are in an athletic mood. Feeling a little bit out of shape? Only a woman knows how hard it is to look this good, and one month of subscription at a gym membership can get up to 90 €. All the effort and the time makes you feel like it's worth your while when you look in the mirror and see yourself looking that good in that 90 € pair of jeans from Levi's, right?

Now that looks are covered, and let's face it, any girl in Paris looks fabulous, how about going out and letting others admiring your investments? In terms of entertainment, the city of lights never sleeps, what's missing is the money and the time. Let's figure that out too! If you are going to the cinema, better have your French up to date, since they are promoters of their own moving making are most of their films are in French; also, have 10 € in hand, that how much a seat costs. If you are one of those classy girls or just want to experience a night at the theater, then be aware of the fact that one ticket is about 50 €. Try to book them in advance, you might find a decent offer and save some money on the way. When it comes to clubbing and hanging out in bars, prices differ. Make sure you wander around enough so you know where you can have the cheapest cappuccino, let's say, that would be 5 €, or a 500ml beer in one of your neighborhood bars, for only 5 €. Don't be shy, cheap does not always mean the worst, all a girl needs is patience and experience will come along the way. And a decent pair of shoes, because if you give a girl the right shoes, she can conquer the world, remember? Especially when it's a 200 € leather pair of shoes.

One can never know how hard it is to be a single girl in Paris, having to look out for her own, keeping up with work and personal life at the same time. All of this requires a good communication network, and the mobile company and the Internet connection are not going to pay themselves. Did you know that 1 minute of Prepaid Mobile on local tariff is about 0.14 €? Better find yourself a suitable mobile plan, girl, even though we all know that one can never save money when it comes to talking on the phone. Not to mention the Internet connection, that can get up to 29 € per month for only 8GB. What can we do, checking in on Facebook, tweeting or posting some photos on Instagram are a must. Try 59.99 € for a bundle, Wi-Fi connection, TV channels, and phone unlimited calls, or 19.99 € per month for 4GB data, unlimited text and voice, you should feel the difference.


A girl has to be prepared for anything, even for the scenario when she gets sick. The best thing about Paris is that you can get from surgery, dermatologist visits, trips to the ER or to the dentist for 70 €. If you just have a mild cold and want to spare yourself a visit to the doctor's office, then buy some Doliprane, Frenadol or Coldrex for just 5 €. Since we are talking about miscellaneous, do not forget to add small things like 8 € laundry detergent, 4 € hair shampoo, 4.50 € pack of tampons, 5 € deodorant, or all the other small things like those that we all know that anyone cannot do without.

In terms of fees and taxes, a single girl in Paris has to know about everything, even about apparently boring stuff like these. Luckily for you, if you want to put it that way, the government already takes the percentage that it needs from your paycheck, so those 2.297.00 € are pretty much yours to spend.


That being said, whoever thought that being a single expatriate girl living her life out in the city of Paris is an easy task, all of the above are just the basics that one should take into consideration when it comes to day-to-day life.

Starting up of there, of course, the expenses can vary, depending on the lifestyle that you opt for. Either way, taking a look at the list above, maybe the best thing would be to just take a piece of paper and decide where to spend more and from where you can save up some cash. As for the girls that already do that, keep up the good work! You will never be more fabulous than you are now, even more considering that now the whole world knows with how many things a woman has to juggle with when living a life like yours!

Your Turn.

Are you currently or have ever lived in Paris?

What’s your experience?

What are the tips and hacks that have been of help for you to save and enjoy life in Paris?

I’d be more than happy to hear your experience down in the comments.


Last modified onMonday, 14 September 2020 09:57
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