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We Stopped Publishing New Blog Posts For Three Months. Here’s What We’ve Been Doing Instead.

We Stopped Publishing New Blog Posts For Three Months. Here’s What We’ve Been Doing Instead.

One of Expats Paris’s marketing implicit values is trying to challenge assumptions and one of the assumptions we do have about our content (mainly blogging) marketing is that we should curate and publish original content to the blog at least twice each week.

Well … what might happen if we didn’t? What else would we do if we didn’t? To find out, we stopped publishing new blog posts for three months, focusing instead on repurposing and refreshing our content from the archives, doing some legal and administrative tasks, reviewing our Social Media marketing strategy, reading more books, other blogs and websites, organizing and hosting events, enjoying Paris and, on top of that, curating and preparing for Paris Talks (our conference project). I’d love to share with you every single thing we’ve been doing over the last three months.

1. Changing Expats Paris legal entity and making it a SASU (société par actions simplifiée Unipersonnelle)


A SASU (société par actions simplifiée Unipersonnelle) is a similar company to a joint stock corporation, but it is much more flexible and it requires only one partner for company formation in France. A chairman or president must be appointed by the shareholders. This simplified corporation has been way too popular in France over the past years and is also preferred by many firms for founding new companies in France. Despite its flexibility and popularity, there might be surprising regulations governing this structure in the French Code de Commerce.

Also, the financial liability for this legal structure is limited to the corporate capital. Another advantage is that the president is not subject to the RSI social insurance system known in French as the Regime Social des Indépendants (social security scheme for self-employed workers and the body that collects and handles social charges for artisans and commerçants). Président Macron’s administration has announced that this scheme will be dissolved on 1 January 2018.

Expats Paris has now a new legal entity. You might find more about how to start a business in France and the reason why we thought this type of legal structure would work best for us, right here.

2. Repurposing and updating our already-existing blog posts (into new e-books)


One of Expats Paris’s main features is our guides (or e-books). On top of the four existing e-books, we’ve been working on two more that should (normally) be released in a few weeks. Some of the content in our upcoming e-books has been curated from scratch, but most of it has been repurposed from our already-published content. 

Rather than covering some topics once and letting them disappear into the archives of our blog, repurposing our articles to consistently deliver a  message to our community is a strategy we’ve been working on lately. This is mainly a way for us to reinforce our message and keep constantly in touch with our members.

3. Organizing and hosting regular events (Tuesday after-work drinks, language exchange meetups, and other huge national day parties)


Expats Paris has seen its community growing, becoming one of the largest expatriates’ communities in the City Of Light. We are actually one of the top 6 major Expat communities in Paris. This is partly thanks to our local and social implementation. I have to say that our events have played a key role in the promotion of our community. By hosting regular events, we’ve experienced an Expats Paris’ visibility increase and the word of mouth marketing strategy at work. This has lead to many strategic partnerships and helped us stay current on trends in the expatriates' community. These frequent events have helped us connect with amazing people and Paris-based social media and business influencers. More on our events can be found right here or in our Meetup group. Events help us increase our membership sign-ups and retention rates. 

4. Social Media management and marketing strategy review + fixing technical issues on our website.


Social Media has been, since the beginning, one the practical mediums of engagement and information with our community. Owning and managing more than ten Social Media accounts across different platforms, we have taken time, over the last three months, to go through our digital marketing strategy and make slight changes on the content sharing frequency. We’re committing ourselves to adopt a more rigorous search and verification of content sources to avoid mistakes like the one we made when we mistakenly shared a Breitbart’s article about Paris on Social Media. From now on, it seems like some of the content we’ll have to share will now be manually selected while an automation process will still continue. There are various content sharing tools that help us automate the delivery of our content on Social Media and we rely a lot on tools like Buffer, Pablo, TweetDeck, Buzzsumo or IFTTT. These are also part of the main tools we use to run Expats Paris’ content curation and daily Business tasks. These social media marketing reviewing moments have been an incredible learning process that also helped us to go through our entire website, fix technical issues like updating old plugins, correcting dead or broken links and improve the website speed...

5. Enjoying Paris 


Since life isn’t only about work or business, we’ve been enjoying Paris. One of the things I enjoy doing in Paris is flâneuring around. Picnics, cafés, eating out with friends in different places (from haute-cuisine temples to all-day cafés, eccentric wine bars, vintage bistros and the new “bistronomiques” serving affordable modern cuisine in a casual setting). Live music or dance performances are just some of the ways to enjoy life in Paris. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing over the last three months.

6. Reading other blogs, newsletters, and books


At Expats Paris, we tend to believe that beyond 5 hours of work, it’s difficult to be productive. After having checked out all the tasks written on my to-do list, I easily get taken away by a few “unproductive” activities like reading news websites (that don’t actually have any news on them, but rather and mainly opinions because, it seems like, nowadays, everyone has an opinion and this becomes fatiguing after a while. In this world of mass communication, social media and instant messaging, we all seem prepared to share our opinions on almost any subject. It sometimes gives me a feeling of being in a room where everyone’s talking but no-one’s listening), checking social media, texting or Direct Messaging or eating snacks. 

I’ve been trying to cut my work day down to 4 hours to be able to better rest, focus more, be more productive and flâner even more.

So, one of the main habits I’m developing is reading (my colleagues have their own work habits too), meeting and networking with community members, business leaders and other Paris-based influencers, attending conferences, going to museums, exhibitions, but also connecting with family whenever I can and not only wait for weekends for that. 

I enjoy reading Paris-based blogs, websites, and newsletters (most especially these ones). Reading real and interesting books is an increasing passion I’ve been developing over the past months.

Some of the books I’ve read include Blink, Outliers,  David & Goliath, What the Dog Saw (all written by Malcolm Gladwell), The Black Swan, Fooled by Randomness or Antifragile (all written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb), Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson...just to name these few. This reading habit is helping us to look at Business, life in Paris and the world from a very different perspective. And I have to say that I’m loving it.

7. Researching, Curating, pitching and Promoting Paris Talks.


Paris Talks speakers, schedule, and venue are now announced. To get there, we spent a few months doing a lot of research about the theme, the speakers, and the entire conference spirit. We’ve invested a lot of hours and I have to say this is one the main reasons we haven’t write any blog post for Expats Paris in the last three months.

For those of our readers that don’t know what Paris Talks is all about, I’d briefly say that it’s an Expats Paris project devoted to ideas about the Future of Humanity. It’s basically a one-day conference where Technology, Entertainment, Art, and Science will converge, covering a multitude of topics, from business to education to global political, financial and environmental issues, in English from Paris, The French Capital. 

So far, the project is being successfully prepared. The 2018 theme was announced and it’ll be “The Human Species In The Year 2075”. We’ve received plenty of speaking, volunteer, and applications and we look forward to making a big update early October about this project. 

Sum It Up

From a new legal entity to new e-books’ research and release through Social Media marketing strategy analysis or Paris Talks curation process, we feel that, in a way, we’ve been working pretty well though we’ve were not able to tell our readers what has really been going on behind the scenes. 

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing you pretty soon or reading your comments and insights about this post.


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Last modified onWednesday, 27 December 2017 18:22
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