A selection Of New Measures In 2017 Every Parisian Expat Should Know

A selection Of New Measures In 2017 Every Parisian Expat Should Know

Here are the main innovations that have been introduced in Paris and entire France on January 1, 2017, such as, for example, caregiving leave, no-fault divorce, air quality certificate, or the end of plastic bags in the Parisian food markets.

We’ve made a selection of new measures in 2017 that we think every Parisian expat needs to Know.

1. Cars: an "air quality certificate"


Paris is entering into a new phase of its plan against pollution: from 15 January 2017, it will become the first low-traffic Area (ZCR) in France. Vehicles circulating in Paris must be equipped with an air quality certificate, "Crit'Air", established by the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, that is, a sticker indicating their Level of pollution.

2. New features on the Paris Citizen Card.


In February 2017, the card will be one year old: an opportunity for growth to offer Parisians more and more activities. Soon, this card will allow you to access the municipal swimming pools and tennis courts. 

For the youths, it will allow you to get a Youth Pass to go out during summer. 

But be careful, there will not be enough for everybody, so order it quickly to be the first to enjoy these upcoming features!

3. The end of plastic bags in the Parisian markets.


This is one of the key provisions of the Energy Transition Act: the complete prohibition of fine plastic bags. 

Already in force since 1 July 2016 for carrier bags, it is now the fruits and vegetables packing bags that are doomed to disappear. 

From 1 January 2017, no traders will be allowed to use these traditional disposable plastic bags, on pain of a fine.

Learn more here.

4. Organ Donation: easy procedures.


From 1 January onwards, the possibility to express refusal to donate organs has been extended with the possibility of registering directly online – and not anymore only by mail – at the National Register of Refusals, and that of entrusting a decision to a relative, either in writing or in person.

Learn more about organ donation here.

5. Tinted windows on cars will soon be banned.


Article 27 of Decree No. 2016-448 of 13 April 2016, which will enter into force in 2017, prohibits having tinted side windows at the front of vehicles if their transparency rate is less than 70%. The rear windows will not be concerned.

6. Caregiving leave.


As from 1 January 2017, family support leave have been transformed into caregiving leave. Main advantage: more recipients will benefit.

Learn more about setting up Caregiving leave here.

7. Authorization to leave the country: compulsory from 15 January 2017.


The authorization for leaving the country (AST), of a minor not accompanied by a parental authority will be reinstated as from 15 January 2017. The decree published in the Official Journal of 4 November 2016 follows Section 49 of the Act of 3 June 2016.

8. Divorce by mutual consent: Towards a no-fault procedure.


Spouses wishing to divorce by mutual consent will no longer necessarily end up in front of a judge. This reform, which has entered into force on 1 January 2017, follows the modernization law of the 21st century, published in the official journal of 19 November 2016 (Article 50).

Read more about divorce by mutual consent here.

9. Processed products: compulsory labeling of the origin of meat and milk.


The indication of the origin of meat and milk on processed foods is now compulsory as from 1 January 2017, as expected by the consumer and farmer associations.

The labeling shall indicate:

- Country of birth, breeding and slaughter of animals for meat;

- Country of collection, packing and processing for milk.

Read more about the compulsory labeling of the origin of meat and milk here.

10. The pay statement is dematerialized.


The law governing labor, the modernization of employee dialogue and the security for career paths, known as the "labor law", stipulates that, as from 1 January 2017, the dematerialization of pay statements will become the norm. This article reverses the default rule and makes the electronic pay statement the common law solution.

However, in case of disagreement, you may request that it’s continues to be provided to you in paper format.

Also, learn more about the French Employment Agency here.

11. Compulsory bicycle helmet for children under 12 years of age.


Children under the age of 12 will have to wear a helmet when they are riding or are passengers of a bicycle, from 22 March, according to a decree published in the official Journal.

This measure, which will enter into force on 22 March 2017, is intended to "limit severe facial and head injuries".

Failure to comply with this requirement, "adults carrying or accompanying children may be fined for minor offences of the fourth class" (135 €).

12. Mobility-Inclusion Card: A Single Card replacing disability, Priority and Parking Cards for people with disabilities.


Developed in a credit card format, this unique, secure and tamper-proof card started to gradually replace, from 1 January 2017, the paper cards currently issued to disabled people: disability, priority and parking cards.

The mobility-inclusion card, which maintains the rights attaching to the three cards to which it substitutes, will allow its holders to see their rights more easily recognized.

In practical terms, when a person holding the parking card also holds a disability or priority card, two cards will be provided to him: one will stay on the car windscreen, the other can be carried along by its holder.

Thanks for reading.

Please let us know, down in comments, if there’s something new you think we should add onto this list.

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