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Foreign student accommodation: Here’s how you can afford a 1000 Euros furnished apartment rent in Paris.

Foreign student accommodation: Here’s how you can afford a 1000 Euros furnished apartment rent in Paris.

There’s no doubt that Paris is an expensive city, especially for the students who are coming from all over the world to earn a degree in the city of light. The cost of studying alone in France has skyrocketed in recent years, leaving lots of students wondering how to cover extra expenses such as food, cost of renting an apartment and other necessary living costs.

On average, a student would spend between €500 and €700 on rental. That price includes basic amenities which, most of the time, aren’t to his/her taste. 

If you’re looking for something better and a bit more comfortable, you should be willing to add a few more bucks to round it up to a €1000 bill. 

Renting a student’s well-furnished apartment for €1000 as a student might first seem like a really big deal, however, it all boils down to what you’re ready to do. So make sure that you live the quality of life you desire, even as a student. If you think about it critically, €1000 is not so much to spend on an apartment if you draw a standard budget and tune your life to accommodate the expense. Setting an annual or even monthly budget, can help you monitor your finance and ensure you are only spending on the right things. 

You could also look into getting one or two minor jobs that can fit into your school schedule, just to increase your monthly revenue. Your daily expenses should also not be frivolous but well planned out to help you save more money to pay for your €1000 furnished apartment

In this article, we’ll try to argue and suggest a few tips on some of the things you can do, as a foreign student, to help yourself meet up with the standard of renting a comfortable Parisian furnished apartment.  

Cut cost on partying and avoid unnecessary spending

Well, this will be tough but more than necessary.

You’re young and vibrant, it is only natural that you want to go out and have some fun, especially when you need a break from school work. While it is important necessary to create a well-balanced life, if you’re a student seeking to move from your apartment to a better one, you might want to put a flashlight on how much you spend on parties and hangouts. First step is to know where to go, that will give you quality relaxation services and nice cuisines without drying out your wallet. There are some quite affordable lounges and bars in all corners of Paris where you can have nice nights out for pretty affordable prices. 

Be on the lookout for free concerts around the city as these come up very often. If you want to hang out with friends, consider checking out bars where you can have drinks at a nice price too. 

This is just to make sure you avoid unnecessary spending.

Transportation around the city

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel

As a student, if you’re going to be in Paris for a while and till your program is over, you’ll have interesting prices on public transportation. If I’m not mistaken, there’s even a way for you to  get the student metro card. Ever heard of the Carte imagin-R

With this card you can actually have access to unlimited travels for €35 in zone 1-2 every month. You can also visit any zone around ile-de-france for free on weekends or on school as well as bank holidays. Signing up also makes you entitled to an extra student card, Carte Bons plans, that gives you discounts for shops, restaurants and in the cinema. Amazing, really. You should check it out.

Eating on a budget 

While the meals from a lot of fancy Parisian restaurants are be very enticing, spending €50 on a meal might not be the wisest decision considering that you’re on a budget. University cafeterias offer nice meals for as low as €3 and they are very tasty too. Even outside the school premised there are low-end restaurants whose meals are not bad. These restaurants might offer you meals for €6-€7 which is still a great offer. You really don’t have to spend so much to grab a cheese burger.

Use your Student Card

Don’t shy away from presenting your student’s card when you go out to places around town in order to get a pretty good discount. Especially if you’re under 26, this can be a great way to save some bucks. You can present your cards at shows, museums, cinema and a few more places around the city. A few boulangeries do special lunch packages for students, this is another gateway to saving up money for your apartment funding.

Apply for A Student Grant

If you’re looking for extra funds so that you can be able to live decently, you must know about students grants that you are eligible for. There is the Erasmus student mobility scheme, you can consider applying for that. Also check with your department at school to know if there are financial aids that you can apply for.  Ask for more information about how to apply and start your application process as soon as you can.

Get a Part-time Job

If your visa allows you to work, please look for a job that can help you earn some extra money. Some jobs may fit in student’s schedules so you do not have to worry about working hours clashing with classes. You can also consider weekend jobs that need you to work a certain number of hours during weekends only. Your school department might also be hiring an assistant, the extra money can help you pay a lot of bills and save up for your rent.  You can check around campus for posters of jobs around town. One of the frequently required service is for an English tutor, so if you’re from an English-speaking country, you stand a great chance of getting hired.

Finding A Furnished Apartment in Paris

Photo by Jarosław Ceborski

So, if you’ve got all your financial plans figured out, it’s time to set out to look for that ideal apartment. Looking for an apartment around Paris can be a bit tasking, especially if you’re looking at options on your own. It is advised to get a real estate agent around that can give you the best advice and offer you furnished apartments within your budget. 

You want to be careful while doing this though, running into the wrong hands might cost you more money or you might not get the service you’re really looking for. 

Paris attitude is one of the City’s best real estate agencies that can help you with long-term furnished apartment rentals. Their services are top notch and there’s always an apartment for everyone. As a student working on a budget and to whom decent accommodation equals school success, there are many ways for your to be able to pay for a furnished apartment and within €1000 (or less) that will meet your needs or even surpass it. There’s nothing as good as knowing that your apartment hunt has been left in the hands of someone you can trust.

Being a student in Paris doesn’t mean you cannot live in the apartment of your dreams. With €1000 you can get a well-furnished apartment that is above the average student houses in the city. All you need to do is making slight adjustments to your daily spending in order to accommodate the cost of renting such apartment. 

Just budget for it and ensure to follow it strictly. 

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