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Introducing Paris Talks: A Conference On The Future Of Humanity.

Introducing Paris Talks: A Conference On The Future Of Humanity.

New York, United States: 20+ million people.

Lagos, Nigeria: 32+ million people.

Tokyo, Japan: one of the world’s most populous city with about 35 million residents.

Delhi, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Rome, Cairo, Luanda…

The world population is increasing every second.

By 2025, the world population will be over 8 billion people.

Around 2040 it could hit 9 billion and by 2100, it could reach a massive number of 11 billion people.

Even as I’m writing this post, we’re already 7 billion and counting.

Basically, the world’s population today is about 200,000 people larger than yesterday.

Every year we extract 55 billion tons of biomass, fossil energy, metal, and minerals from the earth. This is almost 10 tons for every person in the world. And for some of us over here in the western world, this number is much higher.

Every year we dump a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste. Basically, If all this waste was put on trucks they would go around the world 24 times.

If everyone on earth lived like the average American we would need 4.6 planets to support us. This is something like 2.4 for Japanese and about 2.3 for Europeans. And the number of people in the consumer class is increasing despite recent financial crisis we’ve experienced recently…

All this development is putting enormous pressure on Earth’s resources and we urgently need to find more sustainable ways of living to ensure a better world for the future generations.

Speaking about the future.

What does it look like?

What does it hold?

Will our species survive the twenty-first century?

Can anyone ever predict what the next century will be like?

As we move towards the future, are we equipped to fight authoritarianism that’s threatening to come back?

Are we ready to embrace nanobots that will, apparently, be able to plug themselves into the human system?

Will we be able to feel the smell of what is aired on our television sets?...

After a little more than three years of community and event management, time has come for us ( Expats Paris) to embrace brand new challenges.

Introducing Paris Talks

Paris Talks is a Platform For Provocative And Disruptive Ideas About The Future Of Humanity.

It’s a one-day conference that will take place in March 2018 in Paris, done in English and in the form of short, powerful, inspiring talks, entertainment and networking opportunities for decision-makers, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, educators, futurists, environmentalists, economists, visionaries and any curious people out there.

Basically, Paris Talks is a place where you’ll hear and learn about promising new findings, Big ideas, and approaches on how to deal with some of the world’s toughest current and future challenges related to Economy, Science, Art, Design, Education, Technology, Environment and so much more.

After brainstorming for more than 12 months, creating and registering Paris Talks as a brand, designing the website, defining the conference’s vision, theme, and area of focus, the time has arrived to get our entire community involved.

Paris Talks will be an annual event, and the goal is that this conference will fund and sustain itself moving forward, but the nature of it being the first edition means we need a little help with seed money for up-front expenses. The reason why we tickets are now on sale.  

What we want to achieve and reasons for this campaign.

We really want this project to be a success and anyone that gets on board will have contributed enormously to create:

A platform that deals with serious current and future issues that need to be re-examined.

The one and only platform that deals with issues related to the Future of Humanity in Paris, France and entirely done in English.

A platform that doesn’t aim at predicting the future but rather a warning and reminding us of the best and sustainable actions to get involved into right now to ensure a better future for the coming generations.

A platform where innovators, entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers in different fields will meet to network, learn and challenge each other to look at the future of Humanity with an unconventional eye.

The Place where people from different walks of life, with the Thirst for knowledge and the passion for inspiring others, can meet.

Paris Talks will:

Feature more than 12 keynote speakers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and entertainers,

Reach a world community of more than 15 million people both On and Offline,

Be a 1-full day conference with plenty of networking opportunities,

Bring together 400+ delegates, 40+ nationalities from 5 continents; making it a Huge Global Collective Brain,

Assess seven fields going from Education to Finance through Art, Technology, Science, Environment and so much more.

We're excited to get on this new journey and if you’d like to join us, here’s where to start:

Grab your early bird ticket.

Please share this post with your friends, colleagues, and family.

Apply to be or recommend a speaker.

We’re looking for mentors and skilled personalities that can mentor us and help us curate a world-class conference. Interested? Please get in touch.

Another amazing and unique opportunity to participate in the conference will be through volunteering. Interested? Check this out and get in touch.

You can as well follow Paris Talks on Twitter and or Like the project on Facebook.

You can, as well, sponsor this project. Here are the sponsorship opportunities.

Also, here’s why you should attend.

We’re open to ideas and suggestions that can help us curate Paris Talks. If you have any, please put it down in the comments or reach out via Social Media or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Paris Talks, Fixing The Future.

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