30 Life Lessons Expats Learn But Keep Forgetting

Nine years after I moved to Paris for an expatriate’s adventure and a little more than five years managing Expats Paris, making it one of the largest Paris expatriates communities, there are plenty of life lessons I’ve learned as an expat. I’ve come to realize that many of my Paris-based expatriate's friends somehow learn the same lessons, but just like me, they keep forgetting them or take them for granted.


Your French Language Survival Guide: 9 Tips On How To make It In A Parisian French-Speaking Sphere.

By Milena Koralczyk, L’École Parisienne de Langues

Have you decided to move to France and you quickly realize that your expatriation adventure was not going to be easy without a good level of French? 

French people are not really talented in foreign languages, and it is no more possible for you to communicate only with your hands and mimics.


Everything I Wish I'd Known Before Moving To Paris (New eGuide)

At Expats Paris, we have, as its mission, the enablement of expats, whether new or established in the city, to be able to get together, forge new friendships and make business contacts. Expats Paris reaches out to the international community living in or visiting Paris, whether they be diplomats, foreign correspondents, students, or expatriates employed by small, middle or large multinational companies, or simply visiting or in town on business. We cater specifically to local expat residents. Expats Paris strives to give reliable information on expat-related topics in Paris.


We Mistakenly Shared A Breitbart’s Article About Paris On Social Media: Here’s What Happened Next.

Last saturday (26 Feb 2017), we mistakenly tweeted and posted on Facebook a article about the impact of terror attacks on Tourism in Paris. This tweet/post had a link that didn’t come from usual news sources. It came from Breitbart, the notorious far-right American news, opinion and commentary website that was founded in 2008. This news channel is known for notoriously offering provocative and deliberately outrageous commentary that is separate from its news coverage but also written by far-right bloggers and journalists.

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