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When renting an apartment in Paris becomes affordable and easier

When renting an apartment in Paris becomes affordable and easier

The major challenge for most newbies in Paris is getting a luxury apartment at an affordable rate. 

It’s not necessarily a matter of the apartment itself being expensive or not accessible to  foreigners. The main challenge comes from the real estate agents you’ll work with i.e. the people that will help you search for accommodation.

A friend was a victim of an agent some time back. I remember the time he moved to Paris. It was a total relocation actually. Before travelling, he had already made arrangements for a hotel in the city. He did this hoping that he’ll be able to rent an apartment for himself within few days after his arrival. 

It wasn’t as easy as he thought, though that was partly because he got involved with a wrong agent.

As I said earlier, before he left for Paris he had already made arrangements for a hotel for the first few days of his arrival and that part of the story went smoothly. He was just left with getting an apartment for himself and of course, as a newbie in Paris, he barely knew any place and there were not many friends available and ready to help him in this endeavour. He talked to the staff at the hotel to link him up with a real estate agent for a house hunt. 

To make the story short, on the long run, he didn’t get the apartment he’d have wanted...even after he’d paid the full rental price. 

Few weeks later, he was somehow able to meet someone at an Expats’ event in paris that talked to him about Paris attitude, a real estate agency. 

Actually, he was very reluctant about it because of his previous experience with a Parisian Real estate agent. He tried them out and ended up getting a very nice and affordable apartment in Paris within a short period of time. 

I know there are a lot of people that want to make of their time in Paris a memorable experience and stories like this are unfortunately true. Such kinds of experiences aren’t something you’d wish to happen to you or anyone you know. 

What are the killer tips that many people know and have been using to find a nice accommodation in Paris without having to spend an extreme amount of money or time?

It’s pretty simple and my not as expensive as you might think.

Go through a real estate agency

Let’s see how it goes.


This is obvious. It is quite important that you have a budget for this. Many paris-based real estate agencies like Paris Attitude have access to a wider range of apartments in Paris for their customers and most especially newcomers that don’t have all the needed documents to be able to rent an apartment in Paris. Most of their apartment are furnished, luxurious and pretty much affordable for many. Depending on your budget, a real estate agency will find you an apartment in a good neighborhood. The good thing is that from their website you can see and tell what’s really an apartment of your choice depending on your budget. 


It’s very important to be precise and know what you really want. The number of available apartment in Paris is pretty big, but that’s not a guarantee you’ll take exactly what you find since all these probabilities depend on your own taste and choices. Are you looking for a haussmannian apartment? Do you want it in the 10th, the 16th or the 7th? That’s why, as mentioned-above, it’s very important to work with a real estate agent. Working with a specialist will help you figure out your social and economic demography of all these Parisian districts. This person can, as well, help you figure out the pricing and other facts related to transport, distance with your place of work or school and even the size of the apartment. You need to figure out what you want and when you’re a newbie, you don’t necessarily grasp everything going on around. So we suggest (again) that you get yourself a real estate agent


The first thing you need to know is the social anatomy of Paris and its 20 arrondissements. Paris has a lot of social variety. As for where to live, you’ll be overwhelmed by the city’s endless options even if all this will mostly depend on your personal preference, the budget and your will to work with a real estate agency. Parisian districts (also called arrondissements) are divided into postal codes—the last two digits—identify the arrondissements. 75010 would refer to an area in the tenth arrondissement, for example. As you probably know already, there are 20 of them arranged in a clockwise spiral, like a cinnamon roll or snail shell, if you will. The counting starts in the middle of the city, on the right bank (north) of the Seine. Roman numerals are used to represent the arrondissements on street signs, too. Also, Every arrondissement has quarters.

Take time to read or watch youtube videos to learn where you want to live. Don’t hesitate to go for a walk but above all, get someone one to give you all this data quickly so that you can get to move forward.


Check this out: 

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Some of us shopaholics here know what these words mean. These are some of the most popular sales’ event names—the ones that have proven time and time again that customers just can’t resist them. While some people will argue that accommodation isn’t a consumable good applied for the above-listed words, we completely disagree as we tend to think that, depending on one’s budget, it’s still possible to either discuss with a real estate agent and explain your offer or look around for an online promotion. There’s always a promotion somewhere and for everything.


It’s a no brainer that an apartment rental in Paris is not quite easy for individuals as most homeowners do not want to rent out their apartments directly and even when they do, they tend to raise the rental fee to make it more competitive since there is high demand for accommodation in Paris. If we were to be asked to provide an advice, we’d surely choose to go through a middle or long-term rental agency. This is also due to the fact that they help to reduce the administration burden. 


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