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Expats Paris Entrepreneurs’ Breakfast: We’re sharing our Event Marketing Strategy.

Expats Paris Entrepreneurs’ Breakfast: We’re sharing our Event Marketing Strategy.

After sharing our Social Media Marketing strategy for (almost) free, I’m thrilled to announce that we’re now planning to share our Event Marketing strategy and it’s going to be (almost) free as well.

Our recent workshops on Social Media Marketing strategy were divided into three parts and our members attended the ones they preferred the most. 

Based on our company culture that consists of “developing the art of listening as a way to learn and sharing whenever we receive”, these workshops opened doors for us to more speaking gigs in different universities and chambers of commerce in Paris. 

They enhanced our reach and created huge opportunities that have helped us to promote our brand and community but also to reflect on what we can do to improve ourselves as a community based company but also improve our product features.


Expats Paris, as a community, has a lot of events

Events are both a product and marketing strategy for us. 

In these upcoming series of workshops (as a marketing strategy), we’ll share everything we’ve been able to learn and build on events not as a product but, as a way to promote our Brand  and community. 

When we started using events as a marketing tool two years ago, we told ourselves that we had the right to make mistakes, to ask forgiveness rather than permission, and to always test everything we could.

What is event Marketing anyway ? We’ve learned that this is basically a type of marketing that goes through a process of developing a themed/niche exhibit, party, display, or presentation to promote a product, service, cause, and for Expats Paris (for instance) leveraging in-person engagement. 

Some of our events occur online and others offline, and we take part in events as participants, hosts, or sponsors.


When we started, we knew that event Marketing would be important for us but didn’t know where to start. 

In today’s buyer-empowered world, even if we’re an active online community, we know how imperative it is to seize every opportunity to build relationships, generate goodwill, and earn the trust of prospective community members, buyers and friends. 

The modern business person or consumer wants more than just a pitch when evaluating a community (especially an online one like ours). 

For Expats Paris, events have offered a unique opportunity to interact with brands, to give a firsthand sense of our community's focus, perspective, and personality. 

So, event marketing is now an integral part of our outreach strategy. 

Why did we choose to use event Marketing ? What are the mistakes we made? What are challenges we faced? What have we achieved and where are we heading?

I’m happy, once again, to share this strategy with any entrepreneur out there.

This Entrepreneurs Breakfast will be divided into two parts: The Online and Offline event Marketing Strategy.

Sign-up here for the online event marketing strategy workshop and the part two (offline event marketing strategy) here.


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